Really in need of a proper first blog post, I have decided to tell you a bit about how and from where I consume content to keep myself up-to-date, inspired and entertained to be honest. I have a bunch of different interests as you will notice in this post:

  • Technology
  • Personal development
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy

And I have a few different ways to consume them:

  • Podcasts
  • Books (audio/kindle/paperback)
  • Magazines
  • Videos
  • Online courses
  • Blogs

Audio 🔈

My commute to work takes a lot of my time and I try to use that time for some reflection and learning opportunities. Then, most of the time, my mornings going to work or end of the day going back home are filled of technical, self development and (a few times) fiction or something else in audiobooks and podcasts. Usually I consume audio resources because I’m riding a motorcycle to work, and it’s not safe (yet) to read or watch anything while driving. 😁

Motorbike commute

Here are some means I used to consume audio resources:

  • Audible → the best way I find is having an Audible membership that gives you 1 credit per month, and you can use on any audiobook on Amazon
  • Stitcher → there is a bunch of podcacthers apps to help you with the task to keep your podcasts organised, and they will download the latest episodes of your shows or notify you when new episodes are available


For books, I use Audible app on my phone and I try to listen to self development or management books. As I’m usually riding, I need lighter readings and these are more suitable topics. So I don’t need to stop and highlight some interesting part or rewind to listen again a more complicate part.

Currently, I’m listening to “Awareness” by Anthony De Mello and this book does help me a lot with my self reflections.


Most of my time is on listening to a variety of podcasts. I have started a long time ago listening to some technical podcasts but nowadays I listen to a variety of subjects on podcasts.

Some technical podcasts I am currently listening to:

And some other podcasts:

Reading 📖


You can find a variety of different types of books I try to read in my Goodreads list.

Currently, I am reading Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Matthieu Ricard and enjoying it a lot. It’s a very inspirational reading and helps me to reflect about some events in my life and change a little my own perspective.


Videos/Watching 📺


Online courses


TED talks are one of my favourite means to find very inspirational speeches. Below I will give a few of the best ones in my opinion:


This was a very long list of things I usually try to keep myself up-to-date with but I’m sure I’m missing some other things have been useful to me.

Messy office

As I will surely find more in the future, I will create later an area in the blog to keep all those resources up-to-date (as much as I can and wish). Hopefully some of them will be useful to someone else out there. 😉