Hi everyone! 👋 

For a while I have dwelt around the idea of starting a blog to collect and share my learnings, experiences and thoughts. (Hopefully this won’t be the first and the last post. 😄)

Why I start my blog?

That’s a very good question.🤔 I believe there’s some vanity behind it but it is also a desire to share opinions, thoughts and experiences, connect with people and, all being well, it might help others as well.

Even I have always had this wish to write a blog, I’ve never thought it would be very useful to anyone and it would be a waste of my time (and maybe of your time reading it 😁). But I face every day challenges that I eventually overcome but most of those learnings end up lost since it’s very likely I no longer use the solution or revisit the problem. Until comes the day I wonder “where have I seen this before?” or “why have I not taken notes or recorded this at that time?”, “my memory is failing me… I’m sure I’ve done the same thing before.”. And I feel very frustrated and upset with myself because it was a missed opportunity to document my learnings and hopefully share with more people.

Listening/reading podcasts/articles by Scott Hanselman, I’ve heard/read him saying uncountable times how valuable we should consider our keystrokes.

There are a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die. - Scott Hanselman

You can read more about that in his article Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes? and he reasons rather writing a blog post with some solution/answer to one’s question instead of replying to the email directly for instance. The email content might be lost and the blog post will last and be shared with a wider audience. And the last time I heard Scott talking about this again was in the episode Myself: It’s not weird at all of his podcast when he had this conversation with Jeff Fritz on csharpfritz Twitch stream and mentioned again the importance of getting content shared with the community. I really appreciate how these words by Scott Hanselman have resonated with me and actually give some boost to start here.💥

What are my plans for future posts?

The plan is to write about anything a feel worth to put out there but surely it will predominantly be about technology and my daily challenges at work regards coding and infrastructure.

Things you might find in my future posts which are of my interest:

  • coding
  • technology
  • personal development
  • cryptocurrency (I’m very curious about this one)
  • archery
  • gadgets
  • psychology
  • travelling
  • books and podcasts

Feedback is always welcome and they would help us in this journey to share knowledge and experiences.